Amidst the challenges that all cooperatives and business establishments are facing, BSSMC is still on the go, beating the odds, expanding its boarders and touching lives.




Being able to manage your money well is not just about trying to make ends meet. You don’t have to have a lot of experience or be a math-wiz to be able to manage your finances well either. 

The challenge is to find a way to save a portion of your salary while paying off debts, covering basic living expenses and working towards your financial goals. 

How to Manage your Income Wisely

  1. Create a budget
  2. Set financial goal
  3. Invest in options that work for you
  4. Pay attendtion to how much you spend
  5. Treat Yourself… Wisely
  6. Pay off debts

Initially, it may seem challenging to manage your finances well. But as you follow these steps, It’ll soon become part of your monthly routine.



Your credit history reflects how you’ve managed debt in the past. And that history shows up in your credit score—a three-digit number that summarizes the information in your credit report. 

How to maintain your Credit Score

  1. Pay your bills on time
  2. Stay below your credit limit
  3. Maintain Credit History
  4. Apply for new credit only as needed
  5. Check your credit reports for errors
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BSSMC is a retailer of farm inputs, rice, corn, feeds products and animal medicines.


BSSMC caters fresh baked breads, cookies, Loafs, and more…


BSSMC is the first cooperative to offer a one-stop-shop of online services in the municipality of Bokod located at Ambangeg, Daclan, Bokod, Benguet. Services like money remittances, bills payment, loading, booking, online registration for selected government agencies and many more.


BSSMC is a retailer of different brands of android mobile phones and laptop computers trusted by many customers in the community.


BSSMC offer high speed unlimited Internet connection.


BSSMC’s Mortuary Aid Program aims to further enhance the spirit of cooperativism among the members through the provision of financial assistance during the period of grief within the family.

Loan Protection Program

BSSMC borrowers may insure for an amount equal to Loan granted to them and if the borrower dies during his/her insurance coverage, the Insurance Company will pay the outstanding loan in favor of BSSMC.

PCIC Underwriter

BSSMC is a partner of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation that helps in the implementation of the agricultural insurance program of the government under P.D. 1467, as amended by R.A. 8175, where PCIC is mandated to provide insurance protection to the country’s agricultural producers particularly the subsistence farmers, against: Loss of their crops and/or non-crop agricultural assets on account of natural calamities such as typhoons, floods, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, plant pests and diseases, and/or other perils.

Assistance To Other Organization

BSSMC aims to develop and empower smaller organizations and associations through trainings and seminars related to basic bookkeeping/accounting, financial literacy, strategic planning, conflict management, leadership, values formation, good governance, and many more.


Your partner in making lives better